[pups] Searching for 8" DSDD drive

Joerg Micheel joerg at cs.waikato.ac.nz
Mon Nov 5 13:02:19 AEST 2001

Hi PDP owners,

we are looking for someone with access to a working 8" DSDD floppy
disk drive, presumably running RT or RSX on the PDP system. This is
to retrieve some very interesting historic material regarding the
Internet. As some of you may know, the IMP's in the 1980s, or fuzzball
systems, were running PDPs.

The actual floppies to be read are in Delaware, anyone close there
would be a big bonus.

Thank you.
Joerg B. Micheel			Email: <joerg at cs.waikato.ac.nz>
WAND and NLANR MOAT			Email: <joerg at nlanr.net>
The University of Waikato, CompScience	Phone: +64 7 8384794
Private Bag 3105			Fax:   +64 7 8585095
Hamilton, New Zealand			Plan:  PMA, TINE and the DAG's

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