[pups] Re: Searching for 8" DSDD drive

Jason T. Miller jasomill at shaffstall.com
Tue Nov 6 01:56:40 AEST 2001

I should be able to read them, although I admit I am far from Delaware.
Not far from a mailbox, though. I can do raw reads and RT-11 filesystems
from both RX01 and RX02 on my PC, although I tend to simply do raw reads
and use RT or RSX on the Supnik emulator, write a virtual tape, then parse
the tape out with a C routine or Perl script (trivial), to extract files
from PDP FSes. DS/DD shouldn't be an issue, although software interleaving
can be a pain (RX50s have this problem. I've always wondered what the
justification for not putting the correct sector numbers in the address
area of the sector was!).

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