[pups] UNIX "time-line"

Cyrille Lefevre clefevre at citeweb.net
Thu Nov 8 09:22:20 AEST 2001

asmodai at unixware.org.uk wrote:
> I'm working on a UNIX time-line database.
> Its pretty basic atm - I've yet to hunt down the majority of SysV vendors 
> out there.
> I'm currently looking for early releases, and V6/V7 offshoots (such as 
> PWB).
> The data I'm looking for is vendor, strain, version, and date of release 
> (such as AIX, version 4.3.2, released 05/10/1998, SVR4, IBM etc)
> Does anyone know of any sites that would give that kind of information for 
> the V6/V7 and earlier releases?

I suppose you already known this link :)


not sure about this one (in french) :


> The database is currently at http://www.unixware.org.uk/test.php.  There 
> isn't much to look at atm, I've yet to code the PHP interface, thought it 
> would be best to complete the database first though :-)

*BSD aren't up to date. you'll find last announcements here :


which is based on :


but up to date.

> I'm hoping that, one day, it will contain a complete listing of all UNIX 
> releases, clones, and offshoots... well, I can dream ;-)

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