[TUHS] HP 712& v6 or v7

Derrik Walker v2.0 firebug at apk.net
Tue Nov 13 02:28:48 AEST 2001

On Tuesday, November 6, 2001, at 07:34 PM, Paul Hart wrote:

> On Sun, 4 Nov 2001, Mike Allison wrote:
>> Anyone tried/interested or successful in getting a copy of v6 or v7 up
>> on a HP 9000 712?
> Are you sure it was ever ported to PA-RISC?  As far as I am aware, 
> (and the HP 9000 712) weren't developed until long after the days of V6
> and V7 UNIX.

Wouldn't it be easier to just get the PDP-11 emulator from 
gatekeeper.dec.com and compile it for HP-UX or Linux on the 712?  I've 
compiled it on Solaris 8, Linux, and Mac OS X, so it should compile just 
fine under HP-UX.

Also, as far as I am aware ( and keep in mind, I am an HP-UX system 
admin. ) HP-UX has only ever been System V. You can run HP-UX, Linux, or 
NetBSD on a HP-9000/{800,700}.

- Derrik

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