[TUHS] HP 712& v6 or v7

Ian King iking at microsoft.com
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But there's nothing like the rush of warmed, slighly phenolic air from
the cooling fans of an old minicomputer - I've noticed the furnace
doesn't kick on when the 11/34 is running. (Of course, when I flip on
the RM02s, the breaker trips....)  

-- Ian 

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On Monday, November 12, 2001, at 01:31 PM, Ian King wrote:

> Derrik, you're missing the point: what's the fun of doing it the easy 
> way?  :-)  Seriously, though, I think you'd have a couple of serious
> problems: the assembly language components (which are not 
> inconsiderable in V6) would need to be rewritten, and then there's 
> also the question of whether you could find a sufficiently 
> "undisciplined" C compiler to handle pre-ANSI C, to build the rest of 
> the system.

Actually, I like playing with emulators - they use a LOT less power than

real computers :)

HP-UX comes with a REAL K&R c compiler that wont handle ANY ANSI stuff.

It's used to rebuild the kernel, but you can use it to build K&R C 
programs too.  That should be usable for the kernel C routines and 
utilities.  But as you pointed out, the assembly stuff you have to be 
rewritten.  Also, you'd have to deal with disk and tty drivers.

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