[TUHS] Re: Free UNIX licenses

Michael Davidson michael_davidson at pacbell.net
Tue Oct 23 13:32:33 AEST 2001

Warren Toomey wrote:
> In article by Jonathan Engdahl:
> > It looks like the SCO free UNIX license page moved:
> > http://shop.caldera.com/caldera/ancient.html
> >
> > I hope Caldera continues the free license policy.
> Thanks for the heads-up Johnathan. It looks like the license is
> unchanged, so for now we're ok. But I should contact someone
> there & see if we can open it up a bit more :)

Yes, there is no change to the license - all that happened is that
the web pages finally got moved across to the caldera.com domain.

I agree that the current license is *way* too complex - it's still
effectively just a cut down version of an old AT&T / SCO source
license - I would love to just get all of it "open-sourced" and
made completely freely available (might still have to be restricted
to non-commercial use, though).

I'll see if I can make any progress on this, but unfortunately it
isn't going to be very high on anyone's priority list right now.

Michael Davidson

(aka md at caldera.com)

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