[pups] 2.11BSD and KFQSA

Chuck Dickman chd_1 at nktelco.net
Mon Apr 1 13:09:25 AEST 2002

After a week or so of trying, I finally got 2.11BSD to recognize a KFQSA
in a PDP-11/73. The problem seems to be that 2.11BSD sets an MSCP packet
length of 64 bytes, but the KFQSA must have this field set to 60 bytes.
There is some confusion about if the header is part of the packet or
not. For the KFQSA, it is not included in the length. After that, life
is good........

Unfortunately I trashed my 2.11BSD installation in the process. :-( I
did a backup I think.....

Anyway, KFQSA modules are not that expensive and RF drives are pretty
cheap, so it is another solution to the lack of disk drives for QBus
PDPs. As long as you have a VAX for configuration. A 390MB RF71 is a
useful size for 2.11BSD.

After I get things put back together, I will send off a patch to sms for
the next release.... :-)


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