[pups] Interesting PDP/Xenix History

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Bleh, sorry for the blank post... notes went schitzo....

If MS can release WinCE source, then they would probably do the same for 
XENIX.... both PDP/11 and the x86 version perhaps...
Its not like we want the source... just a tape image would do me :)
Perhaps there is someone in MS who knows of XENIX's existance and can 
help....  I'll have a word with a friend of mine who works there :)

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I wrote to SCO/Caldera a while back about this one...   Here's a quote 
from the mail I got in reply: 

"XENIX will never be released under any license, as it is too full of 
Microsoft copyrights...?

Well,  there?s always the possibility that Microsoft could see fit to make 
a ?hobby? PDP/11 XENIX license available.  Why not?

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