[pups] Unix on a PDP-11/24

Ian King iking at microsoft.com
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You could also run Unix v6, if you're of a historical bent; 2.9BSD
should run with no problems; and possibly v7, if you have the 22-bit
address bus and enough RAM.  Keep in mind that if there isn't a
distribution for your machine, you can build one on an emulator, then
create a disk image.  However, with v6 I ran the 11/40 image on an 11/34
and was able to rebuild for my hardware.  

Warren wrote a neat tool to get bits onto a machine over a serial line;
it takes a while (at 9600 baud!), but it works.  Look on the PUPS site
under VTserver; don't worry that there probably isn't an installation
package for a given version or machine, there's a way to run a small
client on a PC that can talk to a bootstrap on the target machine.  --

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On 13 Aug 2002, Christopher McNabb wrote:

> I've acquired a PDP-11/24 with 2 RL02s and a RA80.  What are my 
> options for running Unix?

Ultrix-11 if you can get a 9-track tape drive. :-)


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