[pups] Vtserver, BSD2.11 and brain_fatigue

Fred N. van Kempen Fred.van.Kempen at microwalt.nl
Thu Aug 15 22:22:48 AEST 2002

That's the nasty part of the whole thing.

VTserver support is ONLY present in the SAS part of the BSD and Ultrix
systems I patched.  So, once you're out of the SAS part (read: once you
have your machine booting into Unix by itself), you no longer have a 
link to the VT services.

Two solutions to that:

1.  Use the VTclient program to basically do the same the SAS stuff
    does, but from within the Unix system.  I have added VTclient to
    the base dist (root fs) of Ultrix-11, and that worked.  Ultrix,
    by the way, also installs the /usr file system in the SAS phase,
    so that's not a problem to begin with.  For BSD, we could do the
    same: have an /sbin/vtc and use that to extract the usr fs from
    the VT server using a commandline such as:

		(cd /; umask 0; /sbin/vtc -F 5 | tar xfvp -)

    which extracts tape file #5 (thats the usr fs, if memory serves me
    right) on the VTserver, and runs it through "tar" to extract and 
    install it.  This REQUIRES the console line to be in 8N1 mode,
    obviously, and this is not always the case !!!!

2.  While still in the SAS phase, create a disk, partition or volume,
    and copy the usr fs onto that in raw (tar{.Z}) mode.  Once the
    Unix system boots by itself, mount the extra volume, and unpack
    the tar fs to its proper location.

Icky, huh? :)


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> Hi all
> Firstly, I have done this before, but due to 
> age/stress/tiredness/whatever,
> I can't remember what I did!
> I am using Warren's/Fred's vtserver program to install 
> BSD2.11 on an 11/53.
> I have installed the root.dump file (and all the steps 
> beforehand) and now
> my '53 boots into 2.11.  So far so good!
> I now need to restore the usr file systems - all the stuff in 
> file6/7/8.tar
> How do I do this still using Vtserver.
> Someone remind me please!
> Regards
> Kevin Murrell
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