[pups] Boot_Images and the networking activated version of Simh

Andru Luvisi luvisi at andru.sonoma.edu
Fri Dec 6 03:11:41 AEST 2002

All righty.  I have:
  A working boot image for a networked 2.11BSD system inside simh.
  Some perl scripts for working with simh tape images.
  simh startup script for booting the networked image.
  simh startup script for booting from the install tape.
  Some basic instructions for how to get the thing going (not a substitute
    for reading the simh docs and knowing something about UNIX).

I emailed Warren but he seems to be unavailable right now.

So, who's got an archive I can upload it to?

Andru Luvisi, Programmer/Analyst

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