[TUHS] In V6 exit(): wakeup(&proc[1])) unnecessary?

Wolfgang Helbig helbig at Informatik.BA-Stuttgart.DE
Mon Dec 23 09:01:55 AEST 2002

>>When a process terminates (in sys1.c/exit()), it explicitly wakes up
>>the init process. In light of the fact, that every process has a parent,
>>this extra wakeup(&proc[1]) seems unnecessary.
>I believe this is meant to handle the case where a process exits
>without having called wait() on its children.
>Imagine two processes, A and B, where A is B's parent and A's parent
>is some process other than init.  B calls exit(), becomes a zombie,
>and awakens A.  Some time later, A calls exit() without ever having
>called wait().  This will cause B to become a child of init, and as B
>is a zombie, init should awaken so that B can die.  However, A might
>have any number of zombie children, and it would be redundant to call
>wakeup(&proc[1]) for each one.  Therefore, the wakeup call to init is
>done up front, whether it is needed or not.  This does result in some
>unnecessary wakeup calls but on the whole it seems a good tradeoff for
>code simplicity.

Oh, I see! So the condition to wakeup init would be
	"Do I have any zombie children"?
The code as it is is simpler. But harder to understand.
Thank you very much for your help!


Wolfgang Helbig

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