[TUHS] V6: 50 bugs tape

Mirian Crzig Lennox mirian at cosmic.com
Sat Dec 28 06:58:34 AEST 2002

This reminds me that I fixed a couple of "bugs" (some outright bugs,
and some mere behaviours which I didn't quite like) in playing with my
V6/simh environment, and I'm wondering if there is a place I should
submit them in case others might be interested.  The bugs I've fixed
so far include:

    * Compensated for the ldiv bug in ctime().

    * Fixed date to allow setting the century in the year.

    * Changed df to read /etc/mtab, rather than use a hard-coded
      list of filesystems.

    * Mkfs wasn't always initialising the 'ino' variable properly,
      leading to inconsistent behaviour.  Initialised to zero.

    * Stopped the ps command printing garbage in the COMMAND field
      of process 0.

Some other modifications I've made which bring V6 more in line with
what a seasoned Unix hacker might wish for:

    * Changed the shell to allow "cd" as well as "chdir".

    * For the mount command, added a -f options for 'fake' mounts
      which update /etc/mtab without actually mounting a filesystem.
      (useful for putting the root filesystem in the mtab)

    * Implemented the inverse operation for the umount command.

    * Changed getty and login command to make the default "erase"
      character be octal 10 rather than hash mark.

    * Changed the stty command to additionally allow setting "erase"
      and "kill" characters by their octal codes.

If any of these would be considered interesting, I would be only too
happy to release patches.  I'll doubtless have more, as well, as I
press on.

My eventual goal is to come up with a 6th edition UNIX which is quite
usable, while still being recognisable as 6th edition.


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