[TUHS] Re: Patches to improve 6th Edition

Wolfgang Helbig helbig at Informatik.BA-Stuttgart.DE
Sat Dec 28 18:33:00 AEST 2002

>In article by Mirian Crzig Lennox:
>> This reminds me that I fixed a couple of "bugs" (some outright bugs,
>> and some mere behaviours which I didn't quite like) in playing with my
>> V6/simh environment, and I'm wondering if there is a place I should
>> submit them in case others might be interested. [ .. ]

Mirian, I'd love to see your fixes! By the way, you might want to
look at
for some changes I applied to V6.

Thanks to Warren and Mirian for helping me to undig the "50 bugs tape"! 
But the "bugs fixes" look more like performance enhancements. Do you know
any real bugs in V6? By "real" I mean a bug, that might crash the system.

I ask this, because my system crashes ones in a while. But I changed it
here and there, so it might be my fault.



>P.S Does anybody want to backport vi to 6th & 7th Edition?! :-)

Hmm. It's less work to learn ed, so I took that path :-).

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