[pups] screen 3.9.9 vs. 2.11BSD write() to fifo and/or select() on socket

David W Talmage talmage at cmf.nrl.navy.mil
Fri Feb 15 01:27:04 AEST 2002

"Steven M. Schultz" <sms at 2BSD.COM> wrote:
>> From: David W Talmage <talmage at cmf.nrl.navy.mil>
>> Would someone please advise me about fifos and sockets in 2.11BSD?
>	Don't use fifos - they don't exist (as you probably have found
>	out by now :))

I thought that I'd read in the FM that they do.  I see now that I was 
mistaken, perhaps delusional.  I see now that <sys/stat.h> contains the gospel:

#define S_IFIFO 0010000         /* named pipe (fifo) - Not used by 2.11BSD */

>> I'm having 
>> trouble porting screen 3.9.9, the multiplexing terminal emulator, to 2.11BSD
> ...
>	an attempt at porting it and ran into the address space problems - seems
>	that screen wants to use lots of large buffers, has lots of strings
>	(all the help, etc) and so on. 

Sounds like I'm in for some deep hacking if I continue with this.  Will 
overlays help me here?

>> screen can use sockets instead of fifos.  That portion of the configure 
>> fails as well.  It fails in that it does not return from the select() on the
>> socket until the alarm goes off.  See socketstest.c, below.
>	With the child exited the select() will block until interrupted by
>	the alarm() call.

I wonder if setitimer() will fare any better.  alarm() is obsolete.

I'll send a progress report if I decide to continue this project.  Thanks for 
your help, Mr. Schultz.

David Talmage

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