[pups] PDP 11

Nutech repro at nutechgroup.net
Sun Feb 24 05:57:40 AEST 2002

I post this message with hope that someone out there can help me with a
problem I have at hand.

My company recently bought a preowned printing machine, which uses a
PDP11/73 BA23
connected to a VT240 terminal to control the functions of the machine.
Needless to say that we are unable to make the PDP run since we have no
knowledge of the machine and have no one to look upto for guidance..

While we are able to power on the PDP, the VT240 is dead.

Looking for help I came across your site and got the feeling that you
might be able to help me out of my current deliema.

While I have the original program disks, I have NO operating disks or
knowledge of what OS is on the PDP. The printing machine is controlled
by the PDP thru 4 serial ports (TT0 thru
TT3), the machine has a total of 8 ports, 4 are left unused.

repro at nutechgroup.net

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