[TUHS] Re: Porting Unix v6 to i386

Aaron J. Grier agrier at poofygoof.com
Fri Feb 15 08:30:50 AEST 2002

On Fri, Feb 01, 2002 at 10:24:30AM +0000, P.A.Osborne wrote:

> The reason I want the compiler is that it will generate standalone 16
> bit code on a sensible platform.    GCC doesnt produce 16 bit code as
> far as I am aware - so personally I thought it would be amusing (I
> must be mad) to use tools that run under DOS (well OS/2).

support for PDP-11 was added to gcc a few months ago.  I don't think
it's been well tested, but support exists in current versions of
binutils and gcc.


there's also support for the m68hc11/12 which are 16-bit.

it seems like support for 80{,1,2}86 in gcc should be possible; it just
hasn't been done yet.

another compiler that might be worth looking at is SDCC
http://sdcc.sourceforge.net/ which is currently targeted towards 8-bit

of course bootstrapping via the original K&R compiler would be the
"classic" way to do it, though.  ;)

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