[TUHS] v7 upgrade

Rhys Weatherley rweather at zip.com.au
Tue Feb 19 14:06:28 AEST 2002


I've been lurking here for a week or two, reading the
archives on porting v7 to x86, etc.

On a lark, I downloaded the v7 sources and started to
"upgrade" them so the userland can build and run on top
of modern OS kernels such as Linux.  The bulk of libc
is the same (warts and all), with the "sys" layer replaced
with modern syscalls.

Perhaps it is a bit "sacrilegious", but I believe it makes
the code more accessible for experimentation, and it
should solve the "how do we get a PDP-11 compiler"
problem: we use the original hosted on top of a modern
kernel as a cross-compiler.

Check it out and let me know what you think.  Most of
the libraries have been upgraded, with a handful of the
simpler command-line utilities.




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