[TUHS] v7upgrade 0.0.2

Rhys Weatherley rweather at zip.com.au
Wed Feb 27 14:39:46 AEST 2002

I've uploaded version 0.0.2 of "v7upgrade" to my Web site:


It is now possible to run a stripped-down v7 userland
environment on top of a Linux/i386 kernel, using the
v7 Bourne shell.

A good chunk of the "shellutils" programs have now been
upgraded, including all of your usual favourites (cat, chmod,
cp, date, dd, diff, echo, kill, ls, mkdir, mv, od, rm, rmdir,
among others).

Getting the Bourne shell to work on top of Linux was quite
the adventure, to say the least.  S.R. did some very naughty
things in that code. :-)

The code also compiles cleanly for the bcc/8086 target,
although I don't yet have a v7 kernel to run it on yet.



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