[pups] Re: GCC

Bill Gunshannon bill at cs.scranton.edu
Sat Jan 19 00:49:20 AEST 2002

Not only is size a problem, but even as a cross-compiler it is lacking.
I am pretty sure support for the PDP stopped many releases ago and even
at the peak of support I don't believe there was ever as or ld support
for the PDP.  I have considered reviving the PDP cross compiling work
and looking at writting a translator to take the output from -S (which
I am quite certain would be AT&T format) and convert it to Macro-11.
I usually end out weighing this against the work necessary to just write
a C-compiler for the PDP (using Small C as a starting point).  If only
I could retire so I'ld have the free time.  :-)


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