[pups] 2.11BSD disklabel-programm

lothar felten lothar.felten at gmx.net
Sat Jan 19 21:43:37 AEST 2002

hi there,
maybe someone can help me installing 2.11BSD
on a PDP-11/83.

my problem:
the standalone disklabel-programm stops when
displaying the MSCP disk

in the console ODT i write/see:
Starting system from mu0
83Boot from tms(0,0,0) at 0174500
Disk? ra(0,0)
d(isplay) D(efault) m(odify) w(rite) q(uit)?
bytes/sector: 512
sectors/reack: 17

and then it just stops, right after "tr", but
the RUN led stays on.
when i try to disklabel a RL02 disk i get
invalid disk (for rl(0,1)) or a
system stop (for rl(0,0) with RUN led off).

i don´t know if this is a hardware (bus?)
error, or maybe the tape is bad.
the tapes i use are unused original dec TK50
tapes, i made several ones, because i thought
it might be a tape error, but
all tapes are the same.

PDP-11/83, 4megs of ram, TK50, two RD54
(maxtor), two RL02 disks.
qbus cards (top to bottom):
*cpu (quad)
*memory (quad)
*controller for RL02 disks (quad)
*controller for RD54 disks (double)
*controller for TK50 (double)
*network controller (double)

i didn´t find a kind of terminator, but i
didn´t change the order of the
cards since i picked the box up.
there are no empty slots between the cards,
and i´m not sure if the Qbus
need a special terminator.

i made a TK50 boottape on my DECstation
5000/200. i got the software from
the pups archive, and made the tape with the
"maketape" program.

any idea welcome.



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