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Johnny Billquist bqt at update.uu.se
Sun Jan 20 01:12:37 AEST 2002

On Sat, 19 Jan 2002 SHOPPA at TRAILING-EDGE.COM wrote:

> Johnny Billquist <bqt at update.uu.se> writes:
> > DECUS C might be a better starting point.
> DECUS C is kind-of a funny case.  Whereas most C compilers are
> traditionally maintained and distributed as C source code, DECUS C
> is distributed and maintained in PDP-11 assembly language.


> For other C compilers, a significant milestone was when they were
> rewritten in C and compiled themselves.  DECUS C is the odd guy out because
> it never tried to reach this milestone.  In some sense this is a good thing,
> because it lets you build it on a machine without any access to any C compiler.

Which definitely is a good thing in this case. Since most systems don't
have a C compiler anyway, the first compiler have to get down there
someway, and MACRO-11 is the only language you *know* exist.

I'm soon done with a cleanup of DECUS-C by the way. I've tried to collect
all the different versions I can find, and incorporated my own fixes as
well. This version will support I/D space correctly in RSX (which no other
version except my in-house hacks have done), will have a working profiler
again, and also supports RMS and DAP. Fun fun...
I'm testing it right now, and most things looks like they are working like
a charm.
However, if someone have plenty of time, and an RSTS/E or RT-11 system
around, I'd sure appreciate some help. I've tried to keep those parts
up-to-date as well, but I cannot test, or fix broken things.

This compiler have been a mess for many years now... About time it got
some cleanup.

Oh. And I don't know if Allan Baldwin (sp?) have some extra hacks in for
his IP-stack, and I haven't even investigated.
Anyone know?


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