[pups] Problems booting PDP11/40 using vtserver

John Holden johnh at psych.usyd.edu.au
Tue Jan 29 09:11:46 AEST 2002

> I have my PDP11/40 connected to a MicroVAX 2 (running NetBSD/vax
> 1.5.2) via serial line and want to boot a 2.9BSD or 2.11BSD using the
> vtserver software.

2.11BSD won't work on a PDP11/40, although 2.9BSD should. If the secondary boot
loaded, you should get a prompt '40Boot' for your processor. You haven't said
how much memory you have. Also, the 11/40 has several cpu options, and the
memory management and line time clock options are required for Unix to work.
Check that there is a register at 772340. If it is not there, then the memory
management options isn't installed.


The only flow control settyings that will work is XON/XOFF. The DL style
interfaces used on all PDP11 consoles, have no useful silo, and interupts
for each character input or output. None of the kernels I know support the
dataset signals, other than some will assert DTR on open.

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