[TUHS] Re: [pups] Ancient UNIX now under a BSD license

Michael Davidson MichaelDavidson at pacbell.net
Fri Jan 25 01:29:06 AEST 2002

Jonathan Engdahl wrote:

>That is wonderful! Congratulations and many thanks for the tremendous
>Hurrah for Caldera and Bill Broderick, too. Thank you.
In addition to Bill, a large debt of gratitude is also owed to Dion 
Johnson, formerly of SCO,
now of Caldera.

Dion was the driving force at SCO behind the original release of  the 
"Ancient UNIX" source
code and this final milestone was almost entirely his doing as well.

I don't believe that he subscribes to either of these lists and, even if 
he does, he is far too
modest to take the credit for all of  the time and energy that he has 
put into this project
behind the scenes,  but I want to make sure that it does not go 

If any of  you want to send a note of thanks to him personally, his 
email address  is:

dionj at caldera.com

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