[TUHS] The Tim Shoppa distribution of V6

Gregg C Levine drwho8 at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jul 1 02:31:34 AEST 2002

Hello from Gregg C Levine
Thank you for your kind advice, Warren. However, I have tried most of the
other members of that directory, and yes, it does work. I am curious about
this one, because it appears to be decidely different then say an actual
distribution of V6. I am also looking at the ones that came from the
Research area.
Gregg C Levine drwho8 at worldnet.att.net
"How many floors does this TARDIS of yours have, anyway?"
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Subject: Re: [TUHS] The Tim Shoppa distribution of V6

> In article by Gregg C Levine:
> > On the FTP site, is a a V6 distribution contributed by Tim Shoppa. It is
> > created for the PDP-11/23, and there is a good readme.txt file that
> > the different images, and how they got there. However, has anyone
> > gotten the distribution to boot, using a version of Simh? A text file of
> > commands to be fed to the Simh program would be a great help.
> > I have mine, built using the MingW compiler, and this is version 2.9-10.
> > Also, if anyone has gotten it to boot on real hardware, that would a be
> > great plus.
> Gregg, I'd first try the other V6 boot images found in:
> http://www.tuhs.org/Archive/PDP-11/Boot_Images
> e.g  v6_rl02_unknown.gz
> to make sure that they will boot with the Supnik emulator.
> You might also find that the Supnik emulator can't emulate
> an 11/23. So I would also try the Ersatz emulator and set
> it's CPU to be a 23.
> In other words, try a known bootable image first, then
> try Ersatz-11 as an 11/23 on that same bootable image,
> and then try Tim Shoppa's image.
> Warren

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