[TUHS] Copies of 1978 and 1984 BSTJ on Unix; what should I do with them?

Bryan Cantrill Bryan.Cantrill at eng.sun.com
Tue Jul 16 08:33:16 AEST 2002

> Dear UNIX Hertigate Society,
> I was wondering if you could tell me if these two journals are worth
> anything and to whom.
> WHile I haven't done Unix work since 1992. When I picked these journals
> up in 1986 out of computer engineering school I had a sense they were
> something special. I believe the Bell System Technical Journal
> July/August 1978 Vol. 57, No. 6., Part 2 is one of the first places that
> Ritchie and THomson publicly described the design of Unix.
> They are both in reasonably good condition. Do you know if they are
> worth anything? Do you know who might be interested in them?

They are certainly worth something.  (And, being finite, will probably
be worth more in the future.)  If they mean something to you personally,
you should probably hold on to them.  If you want to sell them, I would
recommend eBay (which seems to be the best venue for selling used computer
manuals at the moment).  Be sure to include a write-up of what makes these
two volumes so special.  

Note that BSTJ vol. 57, no. 6 will likely fetch a much higher price than 
vol. 63, no. 8.  (I've bought the latter for as little as ten bucks.)

(Does anyone know how many copies of BSTJ vol. 57, no. 6 there are out there?)

	- Bryan

Bryan Cantrill, Solaris Kernel Development.  bmc at eng.sun.com  (650) 786-3652

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