[TUHS] pdp11/34 in catania, italy

Asbesto Molesto asbesto at freaknet.org
Wed Mar 6 05:26:28 AEST 2002

hi all, here's asbesto from FreakNet Medialab in Catania, Italy.

our pdp11/34 is still alive !!!

the local mayor and the municipalty shutted down electric power in our
old place. now we have a new place for our computers (here in italy
we have a really bad politic situation so the municipalty hate us)

the pdp11 was so cutted in parts and mounted again, and it seem
working ... only a weird sound come from the rl01 disk when working. 

it SEEM the sound of the disk head "touching" the disk .. maybe ? 

the disk is ok and a copy test of all files is working. 

any idea ? :)

p.s. soon i will ask HELP to install any kind of UNIX on this pdp11/34:
we have no tape. only 8" floppy disks and the rl01 (and, of course, serial
port for terminal & printer)

sorry for my bad english, i'm very tired now

to know more about us, http://www.freaknet.org

gabriele "asbesto"

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