[TUHS] rsync problem ?

asbesto asbesto at freaknet.org
Wed Mar 20 22:50:30 AEST 2002

i never used rsync, so sorry for my question, but i have some
problems ...

1) i can't find any CD image in the "Mirroring" directory

2) launching

rsync -avuz --exclude 'CD_IMAGE.*' minnie.tuhs.org::UA_Mirroring  Mirroring

as explained in http://www.tuhs.org/mirroring.html give me no result ...
no files nor dir. are written and the rsync exit without any kind of
error ...

what's wrong ? 

we at freaknet medialab really want to mirror the site and distribute
the 2 CD package :)

tnx all, 

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