[TUHS] ancient unix filesystems

Sven Dehmlow sven_dehmlow at web.de
Mon May 6 01:52:44 AEST 2002

I'm currently working on an implementation of the Unix 6th Edition's 
filesystem for Linux. I think earlier Unix filesystems should be very 
similar to it. I would like to implement them, too, but I don't have 
exact descriptions of them (for the 6th Edition I've the Lions Book; 
there is not much about the actual filesystem architecture in it, but 
it should be enough - together with the code ;-).

Please send me descriptions, specifications and everything else 
you've about the early Unix filesystems. Also filesystem images are 
very welcome as I can use them to test my implementation.
My e-mail account can only handle attachments <3000KB. Please 
compress or split the files if they are bigger than 3000KB.

Thank you

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