[TUHS] ancient unix filesystems --- on current Unix implementations

Sven Dehmlow sven_dehmlow at web.de
Thu May 9 04:39:42 AEST 2002

On Wednesday 08 May 2002 00:59, Chuck Dickman wrote:
> Does anyone know how many of the V5, V6, V7, 2BSD, 2.11BSD, etc.
> filesystems are implemented in some current unix implementations,
> NetBSD, Linux, etc. Seems like that could be useful when playing
> with simh.

As far as I'm aware of there are currently no implementations of the 
filesystems mentioned above for Linux 2.5. I think the oldest Unix 
filesystems implemented are Minix FS, Xenix FS, SystemV FS and 
perhaps Coherent FS. Look at the fs/sysv directory in the Linux 
kernel to learn more about them. 

Send me more informations about the 2BSD and 2.11BSD filesystems and 
I will try to implement them for Linux (after I finished 5th,6th and 
7th Edititons' filesystems).


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