[TUHS] Re: simh vax and 4.3-quasijarus

Rico Pajarola rp at servium.ch
Thu May 23 17:41:42 AEST 2002

From: Gunther Schadow <gunther at aurora.regenstrief.org>
>>>  2..
>>>HALT instruction, PC: 00000C1A (MOVL (R11),SP)
>this suspiciously looks as if the HALT is from SIMH not from the
>VAX it simulates. There are two halt levels in SIMH, one being
>the VAX halting and going into VAX console mode, the other being
>SIMH halting. Are you absolutely sure that you have a proper
>VAX console with SIMH? You should get normal VAX console
>behavior, try a few commands and see whether you're on the right
At this point, I am at the simh prompt (">"). I think simh catches
the halt instruction and goes to the simh prompt when it encounters
one. I have a VAX 4000/300 at home (unfortunately it doesn't run
any of the older unixes), and when it halts, I get the >>> prompt
(differs from simh).

>Also, be sure you have it all configured right, that you have
>the right devices defined and properly associated with files
>on the hosting OS etc.
I am pretty sure that I have configured simh correctly, I verified
this by installing netbsd on the same setup, and it boots ok.

My only problem seems to be getting the bootblocks right. I have
heard that someone managed to install quasijarus0a on simh, so it
must be me somehow screwing the bootblocks.

>> This seems like a simh problem, or, more probably since you can boot That Other
>> OS successfully, a problem with your installation of 4.3BSD-Quasijarus0a masked
>> by a simh problem. 
the problem is with the bootloader only, quasijarus0a runs well once booted using
the netbsd bootloader.

>I would agree. What other system can you boot on SIMH?
only netbsd and quasijarus0a (I don't have any vms media).

thanks for your help

Rico Pajarola

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