[pups] Looking for binary distribution of v7

Mario Premke Mario.Premke at epost.de
Sat Nov 16 07:08:16 AEST 2002

I just read the instructions of how to boot a binary version 7 disk image
on a ersatz11 pdp11 emulator.
The links pointing to the 'unix_v7_rl.dsk' image I found are dead ... :-(
Are there any other sites where I can download this binary distribution ??

BTW their are disk dumps of version 7 in the Caldera ancient unix archive
. is it possible to boot
them on ersatz11 as well ? I tried it a few times without success ...
I simply tried it with the following e11.ini (from a newsgroup discussion),
because I heavily lack
PDP 11 hardware knowledge. Nevertheless trying this ini-file and many
variations I made of it all
end up in a blank emulator screen ...

Any ideas will be appreciated

Mario Premke

(Please, send a return mail to my E-Mail address, since I am not on the
list ..)

;                                       Set up some terminal devices
assign tt0: f1
assign tt1: f2
set scroll hard
;                                       Make the CPU like an 11/45
set cpu dspace
set cpu dualregset
set cpu mmtraps
set cpu pirq
set cpu spl
set cpu supmode
set cpu cpuerr
set cpu csm
set cpu tstset
;                                       Get rid of unneeded device delays
set delay dl11 0=0 1=0
set delay rl11 0=0 1=0 2=0 3=0 4=0 5=0 6=0 7=0
;                                       Mount the RL02 disk image
mount dl0: v7_rl.dsk
;                                       and boot
boot dl0:

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