[pups] Looking for binary distribution of v7

Peter Turnbull pete at dunnington.u-net.com
Mon Nov 18 09:00:44 AEST 2002

On Nov 17, 21:09, M E Leypold wrote:
> Mario Premke writes:
>  > Nevertheless, mounting the file and boot dl0: leads to the boot-prompt
>  > After typing unix the boot-prompt appears again - does the kernel have
>  > different name ?
>  > Thanks in advance
>  > Mario Premke
> rlunix?

It should look something like this (from my 7th Editon on a real PDP-11):

: rl(0,0)unix

The "@" is the bootstrap prompt, and the first "boot" is what you type.
 The second "boot" is from the boot program itself; the colon ":" is boot's
prompt.  "rl(0,0)" is what you type to name the device, unit, and
partition, and "unix" is the kernel name.  YMMV if you have a different
kernel.  BTW, to shut down an old system like this, you should (as root)

# kill -1 1

to stop user processes and return to single-user mode; then type "sync" a
couple of times, to make sure any disk buffers are written out, and then
stop the processor.

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