[pups] Looking for binary distribution of v7

Frank Wortner frank at wortner.com
Mon Nov 18 12:59:43 AEST 2002

on 11/17/02 1:24 PM, Mario Premke at Mario.Premke at epost.de wrote:

> Nevertheless, mounting the file and boot dl0: leads to the boot-prompt @
> After typing unix the boot-prompt appears again - does the kernel have a
> different name ?

boot dl0
@boot       <- you type "boot" and press "enter" or "return" in reply
New Boot, known device are hp ht rk rl rp tm vt
: rl(0,0)rl2unix    <- you type "rl(0,0)rl2unix" and press return
mem = 177856
#           <- you are now in "single user" mode
            <- press "control-d" to go to multiuser mode
            <- (the normal mode of operation)
Restricted rights: Use, duplication, or disclosure
is subject to restrictions stated in your contract with
Western Electric Company, Inc.
Thu Sept 22 06:26:09 EDT 1988

login: root     <- login as "root"
#           <- Have fun ...
            <- You did make a backup of the disk image before you started,
            <-  right?  ;-)

If you want to make things easier,  your first command should be:

# cp /rl2unix /unix

Now you will be able to type "rl(0,0)unix" instead of "rl(0,0)rl2unix".  Ps
and other commands that need to read the system namelist also expect the
kernel image to be named /unix.



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