[TUHS] port of old unices to i386?

Jesper Jacobsson jesperjacobsson at yahoo.se
Sun Nov 10 08:18:07 AEST 2002

Hi there.

I am a linux-user and I came across TUHS for the first time today
actually when I was searching google for old unices. I love linux and
am very interested in the history of unix. For some time I have wanted
to try out some early versions of unix as I am in my early 20's and was
born too late to have been around those days :( I havn't found any
people to ask about this till today :) Anyway, I browsed the
filearchive and I guess the distributions there surely won't work on my
computer. Is there a way to get them work on a i386 computer? Have
someone made any ports of an early unix system to i386 out of
nostalgia? If not, could someone take it on as a hobbyproject so that
new generations of unix-like-OS-users can explore it? It would be both
fun and also very educational to play around with I am sure.

I hope this email gets through and that I didn't annoy you guys.
I have not signed up for this list I just emailed tuhs at minnie.tuhs.org
directly and hoped it would get through :) Please send replies to
jesperjacobsson at yahoo.se 

Answers would be very appriciated!
Thanks in advance,


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