[pups] Ultrix-3.1 boot tape inside the PDP-11 distribution directory

Fred N. van Kempen Fred.van.Kempen at microwalt.nl
Tue Oct 15 09:08:40 AEST 2002


> Question 1) Has anyone actually followed the instructions and
> description of same, found inside the readme file found in the
> directory?
Yes.  They are a cut-and-paste log of my actual screens, although I
remember exactly what was in the file.

> Question 2) Was this on actual hardware? Or inside the Simh simulator?
> Or even with one version of E11? 
I did installs on real hardware (MicroPDP-11/23 and MicroPDP-11/83), and
on Ersatz-11 (V3.0) for DOS. 

> In my case this will be inside the Simh simulator, and I am basically
> working straight from the beginning. If all goes well, I'll move it to
> the E11 one.
Ultrix-11 runs fine on SimH, with the "downs" that because SimH does not
do detailed and correct CPU emulation, Ultrix gets confuzed every now
then, which does not happen with E11.

I am preparing a new (V3.2) release of Ultrix-11 which has major

- full system regeneration off single source tree
- full RAxx support
- addition of VTserver, TDU and compress
- compressed manual pages and documentation
- Y2K support (not just date(1) ;-)

The installation procedure has also changed to a more modern style.  I
don't have much time right now, so progress is slow.  The above is

If you need help with Ultrix-11, pse contact me off-list.


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