[TUHS] Interdata 3220 backup tape found... worth recovering for archives?

Robertdkeys at aol.com Robertdkeys at aol.com
Fri Oct 4 14:00:31 AEST 2002

I chanced upon some old V7 stuff today, from a
researcher at the Duke University Medical Center
that did not have the heart to just throw them
out.  There was a complete manual set for V7 from
a Perkin-Elmer NMR machine dating from 1984, and
a backup tape of the system (9 track Scotch 700
series 6250bpi) dated 12/17/80.  The machine was
apparently an Interdata 3220 (Perkin-Elmer was
supposed to have bought out Interdata).

The manuals will make for fun reading, but there
may be some worthwhile bits if the tape is OK.
Anyway, I am seriously thinking of trying to
read the contents of the tape, and pass them on
to Warren, for the archives, if he thinks that
is something to do.

As to reading the tape, with the highest chance
for successful recovery, what would the list
folks recommend.  I was thinking of just doing
a retension on the tape to wind it off the reel
and prevent sticking, and then maybe use the
copytape ditty that has been floating around the
net since time began, which should list file
sizes, block sizes, file types, etc., while
reading the files to disk.

I can roll the tape on a VAX or a Sparc system
using a Cipher M995S deck.

Any suggestions from the list?


Bob Keys
robertdkeys at aol.com

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