[TUHS] Re: Can someone advise me regarding a gui for UNIX

Brian S Walden bsw at cuzuco.com
Sun Oct 13 17:03:39 AEST 2002

Another hurdle for the 5620/630/730 lines of terminals was when I
tried getting software support. Teletype being a mostly a "dumb"
terminal manufacturer never considered them more that a way to have
multilple 80 char x 24 line terminals on one display. I had difficulty
in conveying to them that it was a computer in its own right and you
could program it. The marketing was probably just as limited in scope.

Another blow for the BLIT portion on the terminal came when you
cound get an external cartridge for the 730 that turned it
into an X-terminal. I got mine in 1991 and then rarely used
layers after that.

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