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Jeffrey Sharp jss at subatomix.com
Tue Oct 15 04:39:33 AEST 2002

On Friday, October 11, 2002, A.P.Garcia wrote:
> Robert T. Morris, Jr. and the worm incident (which in itself, I think, is
> an important event in Unix history).

Indeed. One of the things that got me interested in UNIX and computer
history was an article about the Morrises and the worm, titled 'The
Shockwave Rider', in the June 1990 issue of PC/Computing. It was several
years after 1990 when I found the article by chance in the local library of
my small Oklahoma town. I was about 13 years of age.

Yes, I believe I am somewhat younger than most the very respectable members
of this group. :-)

Jeffrey Sharp

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