[TUHS] re: Can someone advise me regarding a gui for UNIX

Mike Haertel mike at ducky.net
Tue Oct 22 05:35:17 AEST 2002

 >  22. Pike, R. "The Blit: A Multiplexed Graphics Terminal". _AT&T Bell
 >  Laboratories Technical Journal 63_, 8 (Oct. 1984).

The thing I miss most about the 5620 is Cargill's wonderful little
debugger "pi".  Does anyone know if it was ever ported to X, and
if so, is the source available?

I remain amazed that nobody at Bell Labs ever ported it to Plan 9,
although I suppose both the use of C++ and the completely new symbol
table format in Plan 9 executables would make that a challenge.

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