[pups] bringing up the fist C compiler

Warren Toomey wkt at minnie.tuhs.org
Fri Sep 6 18:14:51 AEST 2002

In article by Dennis Ritchie:
> The chist paper on my home page is pretty complete (if telegraphic)
> about bootstrapping B on the PDP-7 and later C (via B) on the -11.

The chist paper doesn't mention NB, which was the missing link between
B and C. I seem to recall a story where there was an NB interpreter
and also a compiler, and Ken kept adding functionality to one which
made it slower, and this had a knock-on effect. Sorry, that's all I
can dredge out of my wetware bit store. Was this in `A Quarter Century
of UNIX' by Peter Salus? Are there any other paper/web references to NB?


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