[pups] PDP-9?

Greg Lehey grog at lemis.com
Sat Sep 7 11:49:37 AEST 2002

On Sunday,  1 September 2002 at 21:54:57 -0400, Norman Wilson wrote:
> Dave Horsfall:
>   AFAIK, Unix never ran on the 11/20 (no MM unit); did you mean a DEC-20?
> I don't know if it was called an 11/20 at the time (I seem to recall
> some model-number upheaval in the early days of the -11),

The 11/20 was definitely called like that in early 1970.  IIRC it was
also the first PDP-11 model; it was certainly the first I heard of.
The quote below tends to reinforce this viewpoint.

> but the first PDP-11 UNIX system was certainly one without memory
> management:
>   By the beginning of 1970, PDP-7 UNIX was a going concern ... In early
>   1970 we proposed acquisition of a PDP-11, which had just been introduced
>   by Digital

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