[pups] Installing BSD on 11/44 without tapedrive ?

huglhuglhugl at gmx.net huglhuglhugl at gmx.net
Tue Sep 24 22:22:05 AEST 2002


My PDP11/44 is currently running RSX11M but since I lack experience and
documentation of RSX, I'd like to install a BSD-Unix.
I suppose I can install  2.11BSD or 2.9BSD on a 11/44. Which one should I
choose ? I do allready have 2.11 on my 11/93, so I might want to try 2.9BSD if
this is not asking for trouble.
I do have 1Mb of ram, two RL02 drives (and some disks, so I can always keep
RSX), FPU, Ethernet.
But I don't have a tapedrive!
I thought I could write the RL02 disks on my 11/93 and then put them in my
11/44. Will this work ? Is there something special I need to know ?


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