[TUHS] Franz Lisp platforms

Tim Bradshaw tfb at tfeb.org
Fri Apr 4 01:41:11 AEST 2003

[I hope I have set my address right on this one, sorry]

* L J Buitinck wrote:

> I was especially surprised by "lisa_unisys3".  is that Unisoft SysIII
> for the Apple Lisa?!  and does anyone know what
> {dual,pixel}_unisoft and mc500_2_0 mean?

You might get a better answer by asking on comp.lang.lisp, but my
guesses are that mc500_2_0 is a Masscomp 500 (?) running RTU 2.0.
Dual seem to have been people who made early 68k boards and machines
and (according to
http://www.clock.org/~fair/computers/dual-systems.html) were Unisoft's
first customer.  Didn't Sun use unisoft as well, before the BSD ports
(so sometime pre SunOS 1 I guess...).

All of these, look like early 68k Unix machines - there must
have been hundreds of kinds of these, I guess.


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