[TUHS] Re: Cheriton, Zed, and Thoth

Al Kossow aek at spies.com
Sun Aug 3 11:46:11 AEST 2003

I came across his book a few days ago in the Computer Science section of the 
University of Canterbury (NZ) Library.

Does anyone know what happened to it?  Where it disappeared to, etc?


"The Thoth System: Multi-Process Stucturing and Portability"

Prof Cheriton has been on the faculty of Stanford University since
the early 80's. The book was derived from his PhD thesis at the
University of Waterloo.

I emailed him about a year ago asking exactly this question, since
I was looking for software to run on a TI990 minicomputer, and it's
gone.. He didn't really want to even talk much about it.

The Stanford V-System is the closest descendent of Thoth. Even that
may be difficult to find.

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