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JStevens at prcnet.com JStevens at prcnet.com
Sat Aug 9 08:14:56 AEST 2003

I just downloaded the source, and after much scrounging around I found my
old Borland 3.1 compiler.. I built the un.exe, and it does the same thing..
blank  screen, and off to nowhere... so I started to add some printf's...
Such as this bit in ken\main.c
            printf("main.c craftproc()\n");
            printf("main.c initdevices()\n");
            printf("main.c cinit()\n");
            printf("main.c binit()\n");
and I modified dmr\cov.c
//      if (video==1)
//              (gdt_beg+6)->base_l =0;
        outbyte (VIDCA,VIDCSTART);
        outbyte (VIDCD,0);
        outbyte (VIDCA,VIDCEND);
        outbyte (VIDCD,14);
        outbyte (VIDCA,VIDADDRL);
        outbyte (VIDCD,0);
        outbyte (VIDCA,VIDADDRH);
        outbyte (VIDCD,0);
//      clear_screen(vd_attr);
so I could see some more.. it seems to initialize ok under virtual PC.. I
think the next thing is to dig for some more info on the 1st task.. My Lyons
book is somewhere as I want to create a dummy task that prints "a", and a
second one that prints "b", so I can test the scheduler and get
"abababababba" or something like that..
Another thing I noticed after trying to build the userland is that crt0.asm
is missing.. I'm too much of a newbie to construct that though.. Anyways
I'll try to get further this weekend either with my Lyons book, or with v6
on simh.
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