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Ian King iking at killthewabbit.org
Tue Feb 18 16:00:03 AEST 2003

Well, I recently posted an inquiry that was answered by complete silence.
:-)  (Not complete, actually - someone where I work showed up at my office
to discuss it!)  No worries, I found a DEQNA cable on eBay; of course, I had
to buy the DEQNA, too, but it never hurts to have spares.  That should be
here by the time I return from my next business trip (I leave tomorrow), and
I can begin the process of building a network-enabled 2.11BSD kernel for my

I'm enjoying this: "my PDP-11 - oh, I mean the 11/73, not the 11/34"....  I
rearranged stuff and things so I have a VT-52 sitting on top of the 11/73's
cabinet, and the ADM-3a on the desk, connected to the 11/34.  I'm really
having second thoughts about the DECscope, though - clunky old piece of
s***, truth be told.  Maybe some artifacts of techology are better off

I'm also revisiting some old threads in which I'd participated, about Unix
v6 on the 11/34 - I'm having problems getting cc to work again, with the
error "can't find c0.lib".  Last time, someone suggested it was a memory
problem, and indeed the XXDP diagnostic found a memory defect.  This time,
XXDP doesn't show a memory problem.  I rebuilt my system disk from the
'sacred copy', but I'm seeing the same problem.  My next step is to boot
single-user and try it - but that's after I get back from The Road, too.

OK, did I contribute my quota of noise?  Cheers -- Ian

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> Hello again from Gregg C Levine
> Oh I know everyone is awake. Except those of us who sleep for work <G> I
> just haven't heard a squawk from the list since sometime last year. To
> quote a phrase, "Watch this space!". I'll be posting some questions,
> RSN.
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> Greg Haerr wrote:
> >
> > > Sorry for the disturbance. Just a routine test message to confirm that
> > > the list is awake. I haven't gotten anything since sometime in the
> >
> > Are you trying to wake us all up? - yes, I'm here!
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Greg
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