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Christos Papachristou chpap at ics.forth.gr
Wed Feb 26 22:25:38 AEST 2003

A few questions from a newbie:
I have installed 2.9BSD on a microPDP11/73 with an RD52, using the MSCP
version of Jonathan Engdahl. After startup the kernel
indicates 160kb of memory .I am not familiar with such an old unix to
find out the details but  I understand it as 256k minus the kernel. The memory
is M8067-LF i.e. 512k Qbus. Does this mean that the system can't see the
rest of it and that I have configure/recompile the kernel?
The system seems anyway to run fine.
I haven't seen an operational PDP with UNIX before this,
so I can't judge its speed. When in single user mode it seems to
me that it runs "fast". However upon entering multi user mode the speed
drops dramaticaly. I have not yet compiled in the 8 port multiplexer
(DHV11-A), so only the console is functional and thus no gettys are
loaded. So ,why is there such a change in speed? Does the multiuser mode
just rise the nice value of the console tasks?

Some information on the system. It is a KDJ11-B (M8190 -no suffix) i.e. an
11/84. So, the label on the system says microPDP11/73 (in an BA23 enclosure)
the cpu is an 11/84 (if the FPU socket is the DIP-40 slot then it is
unused), and the  2.11BSD second stage boot (version from vtserver) I
have tried indicates 11/83. The memory is after the CPU and is Qbus (M867-LF).
If I have understood what I have read in the list, this must be a mixed
system that could use PMI memory, but just uses Qbus?? What exactly is my
system? . Moreover the MSCP controller (M8639 YP i.e. RQDX1)
the serial port multiplexer(M3104 i.e. DHV11-A) and the memory are Qbus while
the cpu board is indicated as Unibus in the field guide. Can these two bus type
s be mixed? (If yes , i would be tempted to abuse the dead VAX11/780 in the
basement. Can this be done?). Anyway, I thought that the best choice of
a UNIX for it since it only has an RD52 woulbe 2.9 BSD with MSCP support.
Was this a good guess?
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