[pups] CDROM drives and PDP-11s

Ian King iking at killthewabbit.org
Fri Feb 28 02:52:54 AEST 2003

John Wilson's PUTR program might be jut the tool - http://www.dbit.com.  I'm
guessing it might be ODS-2; worst case, I have an InfoServer that can read
that, and a TK-50 I could dump it to...  :-)  -- Ian
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Subject: [pups] CDROM drives and PDP-11s

Hello from Gregg C Levine
Here's the problem. I have several CDs containing programs, and such
like from Tim Shoppa. Two of them say they contain portions which are
readable only by a CDROM Drive attached to a PDP-11. One of them is
split in half. Half is readable on either of the two computers here,
the other half, is in a format that's native to the PDP-11. The other
is all in that proprietary format. So, has anyone managed to get them
read to their machines? Or failing that to the appropriate simulators,
or even emulators? Any suggestions?
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