[TUHS] LoC now involved with saving digital history

Peter Jeremy peter.jeremy at alcatel.com.au
Thu Feb 20 08:02:28 AEST 2003

On 2003-Feb-19 19:47:21 +1030, Greg 'groggy' Lehey <grog at lemis.com> wrote:
>You know that TUHS is based in Australia, right?  "Federal" has a
>different meaning here.  Of course, there's a possibility that the
>Australian government would be interested.  I'll investigate.

Not that great a difference.  Both Oz and the US have a very similar
Federal/state structure.  Getting US Federal funding for an Oz site
is unlikely (but the LoC is going to need to work out how to handle
the fact that the Internet doesn't acknowledge national boundaries
and some of the information it needs to archive won't be in the US).


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